How To Organize Your Fridge

Hi everyone!

I found myself in need of a major refrigerator organization. Mine is quite small and prevents me from buying all the groceries I need in one trip to the supermarket. So I decided to investigate ideas that would help me fit all the food I need to get inside my fridge.

Here’s what I found out.

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10 Spring Cleaning Tips + Free Printable

Spring is officially here to stay and with it comes that time when we deep clean our homes.

It may feel overwhelming at first, but you dont’t have to do it all in one day and the end result will make your home feel brand new.

These are my tips to help you through the process of deep cleaning your home this Spring, plus I’ve made a free printable for you to keep track of it.

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20 Great Indoor Garden Ideas To Inspire You Today

It’s springtime already and all I think about is how and when will I have a garden to call my own.

I live in an apartment, so outdoor space is really limited. My only option is to create a small herb garden in my kitchen, that not only will freshen the space up, but also be useful to my cooking.

This is a list of the most inspiring little herb gardens I found online and hopefuly will inspire you to create your own. It sure did inspire me.

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I have been wanting to create a blog ever since I discovered Pinterest, which is to say a VERY long time !

I used to read so many articles about organization and cleaning and overall housekeeping that after a while I felt like I was reading the same article over and over again,  and I found myself wishing I could find all the information I was interested about in just one place, which gave me the idea of starting my own blog.

Anyway, this is me getting my life together, while keeping a cozy organized home and without going over the budget.

If you  like DIYs, are a budgeting maniac, and an organization freak,  you will be in great company.

See you next post!